Interval Training and Endurance Training to Increase VO2max: Article Review

  • Fajar Syamsudin Universitas Airlangga
  • Rony Syaifullah Unviversitas Sebelas Maret
  • Muhammad Bakhtiar Subardi Universitas Negeri Semarang
  • Sayid Fariz Unviversitas Sebelas Maret


This study aims to determine better between Interval Training and Endurance Training to increase VO2max capacity in healthy adult men and women. The method used is a literature review, looking for articles from Electronic DataBased in PubMed, ScienceDirect, Eric. Journal, Google Scholar, and ProQuest that have been published and accredited. A total of 8 papers were selected for in-depth review. The results show that Interval Training is better than Endurance Training, even though both can increase VO2max.

Keywords: Interval Training, Endurance Training, VO2max, Maximal Aerobic Capacity


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