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Minimum Standards for Article Writing Techniques in JUARA: Jurnal Olahraga


Assalamualaikum and Greetings Sports Mr / Mrs. Lecturers, Teachers, Researchers and students in connection with the increased interest in publication in JUARA: Jurnal Olahraga, we find many articles whose writing is not following the rules of writing scientific articles. So through this announcement, we need to submit a minimum standard of article writing techniques that will submit to JUARA: Jurnal Olahraga including:

1. The manuscript has never been submitted or is in the evaluation period in another journal that will harm the author and the second publisher.
2. The manuscript is written on the template JUARA: Jurnal Olahraga or can be downloaded at the link http://bit.ly/TEMPLATEJUARA
3. The level of plagiarism set by the JUARA: Jurnal Olahraga is 20%
4. The use of references can be sourced from scientific articles which contain a minimum of 70% from both national journals and international journals.
5. The recommended reference year of the past 10 years.
6. Must use Mendeley, Endnotes or Zotero applications in reference management.
Thus we submit this notice, hopefully, it can help improve the quality of the author's article. thank you


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Published: 2019-09-26
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