Meningkatkan Aktivitas Gerak Jasmani Pada Anak Sekolah Dasar Melalui Senam Ria Anak

  • naufal ardhana UMPP
  • Nur Annisa Putri
  • Izzatul Haqiqi
  • Fikri Farrasyah Putra
  • Gilang Nuari Panggraita


This article is the result of dedication to elementary school children through children's fun gymnastics in partnership with an elementary school located at SDN 03 Kedungwuni, Gembong Gang Hamlet. Beringin 1 No. 23 Kedungwuni, Kedungwuni District. take part in this dedication program.The program that will be carried out together with partners is Ria Gymnastics for children improve physical fitness.The method of implementing this activity is carried out onmutual agreement, this service activitygiven 1 meeting within 3 hours, this gymnastics service was carried out on Thursday at 07.00 WIB to 10.00 WIB on the sdn page 03 kedungwuni.The results achieved from ink activities namelyElementary school students 03 kdw have good and better physical fitness , have a routine agenda every week to do gymnastic activitiesKeywords: gymnastics, physical fitness


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